iPhone X: Finally! an iPhone with more than just a larger screen


Not just another iPhone

Just a few days back, Apple announced its latest mindblowing technology called iPhone 8! which is…….pretty much what you would expect. A larger screen, a better camera and a larger memory. same old same old. Just when the eyes of  “ACTUAL TECH FOLKS” was about to sulk in boredom, they saw a new sight; it began with a dark background, and then there was a twinkling revelation of a metallic black boundary. It was another Phone, it felt…..a  bit different. Once it fully surfaced from the black background, its pink display popped out. That’s when things started to turn around a bit. the boring sulk was transforming into a genuine excitement. The actual people were so surprised that they couldn’t help but wonder if they are in the same monotonous exhibition or for the first time in the last 5 years, Apple was actually trying something good.  The screen was not just bigger, it was fundamentally different. A few seconds later, they all saw it for it was; a grand yet subtle introduction of iPhone X. 

Finally, a phone with more than the just general enhancement to the aesthetics, a phone with actual innovation. For better or for worse, the presenter was very enthusiastic about this presentation;p[rehaps a little too much. I was kinda getting the old Jobs vibes from him. Anyway, this device feels a lot more than just a regular old and same iPhone. Perhaps this was indeed the idea, brand the new phone as the X and slap the iPhone name on it. The “FEATURE” it presented is perhaps the most important portable feature we have included.

Let us now talk about “THAT” feature

You would already have guessed by now that the feature we speak of is none other than the NSA’s wet dream; the face recognition unlocks system.  Unfortunately, Apple trying to show off this feature ended with a disappointment, seeing how horribly it actually worked,. Well, it was just the demo, and its implications do feel a lot more far-reaching than just was shown. Th Face recognition unlock is indeed the first of its kind. Combining four different modules to set up the Face ID,  this addition does feel a bit niche but that is what Apple does, introducing the niche to the masses.


We won’t bore you with the pedantic semantics, but to get the gist of it, Dr Anil explains that using the combination of the two sensors, the flood illuminator and the infrared camera, the phone sets up your face ID using multiple angular snapshots.


Ok, we kinda went a bit off to the techy talk, in simple terms you have to take multiple selfies at different angles to set up the face ID (No, not that kind of selfie… You are not ALLOWED TO PULL YOUR TONGUE OUT). This biometric face recognition technology is the same used in several high-end institutes we are not allowed in.




The implications

While this tech sure is….well very sci-fi-ish, it might set up a dangerous precedent if it needs to. We are already striving for our right to privacy and using just your (however beautiful) face just to unlock your phone might cater to the narcissist in us (me specifically) but for the security conscious, there are still questions needed to be answered. Additionally, this feature kinda feels like an extra hassle.
‘And what if I want to unlock my phone with my morning hair’ 



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