Problem “GravityBox System Framework Not Responding. Exiting” Solution

uploadfromtaptalk1397267870232When you want to some additional effect and control on your Android Phone and Tablet, You are try to install “GravityBox”. But it was shows the Error:

GravityBox System Framework Not Responding. Exiting

Here i am Telling you the very easy and 100% worked solution for this Error. Simply follow the steps:-

  1. Install Xposed Installer (If you already install no need to reinstall).
  2. Most Important, Move The GravityBox into Internal Storage (By GoTo Settings –> Apps –> GravityBox Then Tap To Move To Internal Storage).
  3. Then, Do The Same Process With Xposed Installer (Move To Internal Storage).
  4. Then Open Xposed Installer and uncheck GravityBox in Framework then check it again.
  5. Reboot using frameworks.


  1. Your Phone Must Be Rooted.
  2. Install Only Supported “GravityBox” Installer. Like: For JellyBean -> GravityBox(JB).

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