Analyzes Suspicious Files & URLs Online: VirusTotal

In Computer Generation, A User Want To Be A Trustworthy And Safe Things On Internet. But Some Malicious & Suspicious File And Websites Has Brake The Security And Our Single Antivirus Has Not Capable To Handle That, And A User Facing Lot Of Problems.

What Is Malicious Software ?

Malicious software (malware) is any software that gives partial to full control of your computer to do whatever the malware creator wants. Malware can be a virus, worm, trojan, adware, spyware, root kit, etc.

Now On Internet A Free Online Antivirus Tool Has Available To Detect Suspicious File And URL By Scan With Many Best Antivirus Engines, His Name Is VirusTotalVirusTotal Has Scan Your File When You Upload Your File On It’s Server (Max. Size: 128 MB). This Website Has Owned By Google.

First, He Ask You To Upload Your File, And Check It’s Hash For Save Your Data, If Same File Has Already Scanned He Gives You A Fast Results.

www virustotal com 1
First Screen
www virustotal com 3
Hashing File
www virustotal com 4

Here, You Have Also Search The URL Like That

www virustotal com 2

Try This Tool And Feel Safe On Internet, If You Cause Any Problem And Asking Question About That Please Comment Below. And If You Like This Post So Please Like And Share.


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