Free Softwares To Root Android Device

9 Free Software-apps to root any android with/without a PC

1.Vroot Software

This is the best software for rooting any android phone, judging from the wide range of coverage and deep support for older operating system, I will most recommend you try it first before the other ones in this list.
Vroot software root/unrooting solution can root almost all android devices running on the 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and newer OS.

Download link : or

2. kingoapp Root Software

kingoapp root software solution is just as effective as Vroot although I have recorded more success with the former, I still rate it as highly as any other all_in_one root solution for android devices.
kingoapp is a big player amongst computer software to root and unroot any android phone.

Download Link :

3. SRSRoot Software

SRSRoot software solution was of my favorite for rooting android devices before Vroot came to the scene. Although I haven’t used it for a while now, I can still recommend it for persons that didn’t have success with the previous two.
Download Link:

4.Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without a PC)

Framaroot is is the best app so far for rooting and unrooting android without a computer. It has support for even the latest android OS.
Rooting and unrooting with Framaroot is as easy as installing the app ==>launching ==> and choosing from the list of available exploits.
Wide range of success have been recorded already with this little wonder-app; even newer devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Tecno R7, Nokia XL android, Huawei Ascend and several others has been rooted with the Framaroot apk app.
For all tested devices and the exploits used, refer to Note also that Tecno, Gionee and most MTK based phones will normally use the Barahir exploit.

Download Link:

5. Unlock Root Software

I had success with this software in the past but can’t vouch for it now since it isn’t fully available for free any longer. You should be thinking of it as an alternative only when the Vroot and/or kingoapp root software solutions fails to root your device.
Download Link:

6. Root Master (apk) App

Root Master will root your phone or devices without the need of a computer, you should think of it an alternative only where Framaroot fails.

Download Link:

7. z4root (apk) App

z4root is one of the oldest apps for rooting android devices without the need for a PC. It has support for wide range of devices and can root older phones as well.

Download link:

8. Universal Androot (apk) App

Universal Androot is also very popular among apps that can root several android devices without the need of a computer.
Download Link:
9. Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App
Easy rooting toolkit; an app developed by DooMLoRD can root most android phones without a PC.
Download Link:


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